NUG community CSGO team!

    • October 3, 2015 at 11:47 am #1267

      *Forum Post Moved From old NUG Forum*

      Ok so we have had comments saying there is no CSGO team for NUG, so too remedy this situation we have decided to start holding tryouts and practice matches on our CSGO server to roster members for a community team.

      if you are at all interested in trying out for this team please contact me on Teamspeak and/or post a reply onto this thread, no rank will be refused however we are looking for good players that mix well with eachother and can learn from one another, also being able to listen for strats and help create opportunities for the team will defiantly help your chances of getting into the roster.

      Any questions about the team should be directed to me.

      – Vag(I)Tron 5000 & the NUG staff team.

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