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We are an online gaming community that is dedicated to bringing gamers from all different backgrounds, shapes and sizes together to have fun and join in with our randomness 🙂 We have many different types of game servers for our members to enjoy, and we keep our website updated regularly with info, events, sever information, and any other random fun ideas we come up with 🙂 Please join in and get to know everyone and share your ideas and suggestions with us!

Please join us on TeamSpeak tssyd1.vilayer.com:10044

Thank you for your support!
The Nomad Staff 😀

NUG Members Code Of Conduct

1. Privacy policy

 By joining our community you agree to not give out any information pertaining to any member of this community obtained in good faith or otherwise without express permission from said person involved. You agree to not take anyone’s details for your own personal use (eg. Ddos another person or to impersonate another person). As with most of the topics in this Code Of Conduct being in breach of this policy can and will lead to your inevitable expulsion from our community.

The Nomad United Gaming Community does not give out any information pertaining to any member of our community, unless you are in-breach of the following CoC, in these cases your information will be passed on to the correct authorities (eg. hacking will lead to your details being given to the game providers and left up to their discretion as to whether you will receive a global ban, or in the case that you are caught taking/using someones elses details, cyber bulling or abusive/offensive behavior).

2. Behaviour

Nomad United Gaming DOES NOT Tolerate in any shape or form:

Cyber Bullying, Offensive & or Abusive Behavior, Discrimination of Any Kind, or Trolls/Keyboard Warriors!

We take these matters very seriously and offenders will be dealt with accordingly!

3. Cheating & Hacking

Once again this is a zero tolerance policy, any cheating or hacking of any kind will result in immediate removal from the community, banned from the website and all game servers.

If you have to ask if something is cheating or hacking, it probably is.

4. Activity & Holidays

All members should be as active as possible within the comunity. We understand that ‘real life’ comes first and you cannot be online all the time. Even if you cannot get online to play, please try to check the website and forums when you can to get the latest updates from the community and add your input when discussions are open.

Though, if you expect to be out of town or unavailable to play for an extended period of time (more than a week) we simply ask that you let the community know in the forums. This will help us identify players who have stopped playing the game.

5. Communication

All members must have a working microphone to communicate in-game and on TeamSpeak. Additionally please log into the TeamSpeak server when you are online. If you are already a community member and your microphone breaks or stops working, you will not be removed from the community. Though, we will ask that you get a replacement microphone as soon as possible. Again we understand ‘real life’ comes before the game and finances may not always be there.

6. Positive Representation

All members must carry the [NUG] honorably. When in-game, rather our servers or not, you must hold a level head on the open channels. We do understand getting mad and telling someone they are “pleb” for making a “plebby” mistake. We do not allow any racial, religious, mental handicap, or other inappropriate slurs and insults.

If for some reason you get too angry on open channels or overly offend someone, please apologize in order to give Nomad United gaming the best representation and reputation you can. The same applies for the website and forums.

7. Maturity

All members are expected to have a certain level of maturity. If you need further explanation of that, this community probably isn’t for you. We are here to have fun, play games, and enjoy the gaming experience as a collective; but, just remember there is a limit at times. While in the our private TeamSpeak server, common sense rules what is acceptable; though, in public TeamSpeak/In-Game VOIP we expect you to be mature and represent Nomad United Gaming in a way that gives a reputation to our community.

8. Carrying Tags

Any members who choose to carry the Nomad United Gaming Community tag must make sure they carry the [NUG] tags on their in-game accounts properly and behave in the appropriate Nomad United Gaming Community Way (eg. following this CoC at all times). The proper way to put the tags on your in-game name is as follows: “[NUG] YourNameHere “

9. Second Accounts

Second accounts, are frowned upon. We do not prohibit you from doing this, but we ask that you do not. Having second accounts opens doorways for cheating and hacking, being linked or tied to unwanted accounts, and gives Anti-Cheat organizations a reason to be suspicious of you.

All members of Nomad United Gaming will be investigated through a quick gaming background checks before any applications are accepted. Linked accounts will be investigated and asked about. Remember, you can only have one account with the tags at any given time.

Thank you
NUG Staff 🙂

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