Ark Updates and News 249 – 253.95

    • January 16, 2017 at 8:01 am #6066

      Current Version: v253.95
      * Non-Quetz flyers can no longer carry characters that have C4 on them
      * Spike Walls can no longer damage water creatures
      * Fixed a client-side GPU memory leak.
      * Upgraded BattlEye version, please update your servers!
      * Servers can now allow from-the-air Supply Crates to appear on top of Structures, rather than being prevented by Structures. Launch with “?AllowCrateSpawnsOnTopOfStructures=true” to enable this (enabled on Official Servers).
      * Improved Server stasis/unstasis performance
      * Fixed Piranha overspawning issue on TheCenter, and added latest Dinos to TheCenter
      * Fixed Pelagornis rotating poorly when on water surface
      * ARK Dev Kit hooks
      * Fixed server crash when loading mods in previous build.
      * Fixed server crash in previous build (253.8)
      * Ended Winter Wonderland Event (deprecated for backwards compatibility)
      * Flye grabbed by megalo/kapro falling thru world on client fix
      * Gate frame destruction fix
      * Bed respawn thru walls fix
      * Tamed flyers letting grabbed players/dinos stay below terrain fix (u now get uncarried)
      * Fix for tamed cave-dinos not being targetable by wild dinos
      * Mods now indicating loading progress when connecting.
      * Ladders on platform saddles now include Weight
      * Fixed a platform Bed spawn exploit
      * Fixed Megalosaurus spawns to occur in all appropriate TheIsland caves, and fixed them getting stuck within Cave 5
      * Raptor Claus Gifts now contain party hats and birthday suits (for a day 😉 )
      * Unridden Tuso no longer moves when it has grabbed something (as intended), and fixed an issue that occasionally caused water-dinos to be erroneously killed when grabbed by Tuso.
      * Therizinosaurus damage against non-harvestables reduced by 33% (kept the same against harvestables)
      * Troodon spawn frequency in jungles reduced by 40%
      * Troodon night-time sight range reduced by 25%
      * Fixed Neuter flag saving on Uploaded Dinos.
      * Fixed calculation errors with Spoiling Time. Requires Server Update.
      * Titanboas can be picked up by Dino carriers again (Argentavis etc). Requires Server Update.
      * Fixed Pegomastax losing stolen loot when its body was consumed by a predator. Now it will drop a loot bag if it has any loot. Requires Server Update.
      * Flyers on PvE can once again no longer carry wild dinos unless the “?AllowFlyerCarryPvE=true” option is enabled
      * Fixed crash of Non-Dedicated Session Hosts
      * Made Kapro & Megalo able to continue holding their Prey after dismounting, added “Drop Prey” option to Kapro
      * Fixed Megalosaurus Kibble being preferred by Therizinosaurus
      * Fixed some movement logic that accidentally got clobbered in the Kapro
      * Fixed Megalo/Kapro/Tuso carrying of Dinos on PvE servers
      * Fixed/improved Dinos getting stuck underground after being released by Tuso
      * Fixed some erroneous collision on TheCenter
      * All Winter Wonderland craftable cosmetics now properly appear in Cooking Pot. Requires Server Update.
      * Pegomastax can no longer steal your Engrams. Requires Server Update.
      * Reduced Taming times on Therizinosaurus and Tusoteuthis by 60%. Requires Server Update.
      Unversioned Hotfix: Fixed issue with Megalosaurus crashing on client, pure client-side fix.
      – New Item: Photographic Camera. Take photos and apply them onto in-game onto Painting Canvases!
      – New Dino: Cnidaria!
      – New Dino: Troodon!
      – New Dino: Tusoteuthis!
      – New Dino: Pegomastax!
      – New Dino: Therizinosaurus!
      – 2 New Full-Scale Underwater Caves (progression-oriented with Artifacts!)
      – Winter Wonderland 2 Event! Follow Raptor Claus around The Island, Scorched Earth, and The Center as he drops items, coal, and the occasional tough-as-nails creature to keep you warm at night! Lots of cosmetics and the DodoRex make an appearance, along with new items!
      – Additional networking performance gains of approximately +15%
      – BattlEye is now enabled by default for dedicated servers, use -NoBattlEye to run your server without it
      – Various new ARK DevKit features & hooks
      – TamingSpeedMultiplier, HarvestAmountMultiplier, and XPMultiplier are now hardcoded with an extra 2x multiplier. If you wish to have your server use the same rates as before, please reduce your sever’s custom values for those by 50%

      * Changed AI Controllers to once again be destroyed on Stasis, too much memory overhead to keeping them around on large maps. For servers with a lot of RAM, they can now optionally gain performance by running with -StasisKeepControllers to keep the AI’s in memory.
      * Fixed PhysX crash when using wheeled-vehicle Mods. (ARK: Moon Survival etc)
      Unversioned Hotfix: Fixed client-side crash associated with Brontos.
      * Fixed bug with Dino Weights not being applied onto Platform Saddles after unstasising
      * Attached C4 is now always targeted by Turrets where possible
      * Fixed C4 on groundable Flyers taking effect when they’re not over-water
      * Platform Saddle Passengers sitting on Furniture now get the standard percentage of their Weight added to the Platform Saddle Dino
      * Veggie Cakes max Percentage Healing amount capped at 2100 HP
      * Bronto attack AoE reduced by 30% for Tamed/Ridden Brontos, Bronto incoming damage multiplier from Explosions changed to 100% (from 50%) and from Fire to 75% (from 40%)
      * 20% per Tamed Ptero Level reduction in Speed (~15% average reduction in Ptero Speed to Tamed Pteros)
      * Fixed issue where attached Transponders were grounding Flyers.
      * Made turrets shoot C4’s attached to enemy dinos.
      * Made all Flyers except for Quetz and Wyvern become ‘grounded’ if you put a C4 on them. To disable this behavior, launch server with ?ForceFlyerExplosives=true
      * Veggie Cakes now have 10% healing of Herbis between 500 and 2500 HP over a 30 second duration, with 50% spoiling lifetime, and no longer are effective on Titanosaurus. Requires Server Update.
      * Likely fix for client-side Health Meter getting stuck at zero.
      * Fix for issue of Dinos sometimes continuing to “walk forward” if you tapped ‘W’ when riding.
      Requires Server Update.
      * Veg cakes should no longer be auto-consumed for Food by any dino except Achatina
      * Veg cakes WILL be auto-consumed by any Dino for Health if their HP is below 85% (yes, even Carnivores, though to minimal benefit on them :stuck_out_tongue: ). The Dino will consume one Veg cake every 10 seconds until it has above 85% Health again.
      * Chitin / Keratin can be placed in Feeding Troughs
      * Sauropod Tamed Health gain (leveled-up portion) reduced by 30%
      * Doedicurus and Carbonemys no longer gain Herbivore-healing from Veg Cakes
      * Veg Cake max healing amount limited to 3000 HP over 10 seconds (otherwise 15% of max HP), in addition to instant +500 (edited)
      * Herbivore Explosion Damage multiplier changed to 40% rather than 55%
      * You can no longer erroneously shimmy up sheer landscapes on dinos.
      * Fixed a client-side chat crash.

      * Manually-used Veggie Cakes now heal 15% (over 10 seconds when manually fed) in addition to +500 HP (on Herbivores), have cooldown interval reduced to 10s, and take 4x as long to spoil
      * Herbivores now have 55% damage reduction from explosives and 62.5% damage reduction vs fire (due to their thick hides).
      * Fixed some rare crash cases.
      * Crash fix for servers when loading save games with certain Mods!
      * Ended Turkey Trial Event! (deprecated items)
      * Reintegrated PhysX 3.4 for larger performance gain. Fixed PhysX memory leak!
      * Taking various Eggs now aggro the respective species
      * Improvement to Dino movement physics accuracy when riding a Dino
      * Changed Item stack size limits to Beer Barrel: 3, Catapult: 1, Wind Turbine 1
      * Eliminated Cross-Transfer exploit and took GM actions.
      * Fixed rare server crash.
      * Dedicated Server: Temporarily rolled-back PhysX version to 3.3 in order to resolve Memory Leak. Recommend upgrading to this version until 252.5 is ready which will fix the leak Requires Server Update.
      * When run with ?DestroyUnconnectedWaterPipes=true or official servers always, after two days real-time the pipes will auto-destroy if unconnected to any non-pipe (directly or indirectly) and no allied player is nearby. (edited)
      (you don’t have to test that 😉 )
      * Spam-structure building is now rate-limited to help out slow servers.
      * 80% improvement to foundation testing calculation to reduce server stalls when building on slow servers.
      * Fixed a Moschops ambient harvesting crash
      * New GM Commands:

      TakeAllStructure: gives your tribe all the structures of the team you’re currently looking at.
      TakeAllDino: gives your tribe all the dinos of the team you’re currently looking at.
      GMBuff: gives you god, infinite stats, AI ignorance, and a bunch of experience.
      GMSummon: summons a tamed dino that isn’t cheat-tamed, so still requires a saddle.
      * “OverrideOfficialDifficulty=5.0” can now be set in [ServerSettings] INI, not only via the launch commandline (“?OverrideOfficialDifficulty=5.0”)
      * Fixed PhysX crash on TheCenter with large overlaps. Requires Server Update.
      * Fixed issue with ragdolls falling thru the ground (new PhysX inverted ray trace direction on terrain heightfields :-P). Requires Server Update
      * Fixed Megalosaurus losing its Tame Affinity whenever it wakes up due to Night-time. Requires Server Update
      * Signed additional PhysX DLL’s to help resolve some BattlEye connection issues, and removed some unnecessary PhysX DLL’s.
      * Raised proximity structure limit to 10,500 (the structure limit is actually working now with the new PhysX!). Renamed the server variable to “TheMaxStructuresInRange” so that all servers get a one-time reset to the new value: ?TheMaxStructuresInRange=10500 (or in the [ServerSettings] of GameUserSettings.ini). Requires Server Update
      * You can now put Leech Blood in your quick item slots in order to feed it to the Moschops. Requires Server Update
      * Reintegrated the Item Quantity limits for various structures that was lost in the merge from v251. Requires Server Update
      * ARK: Turkey Trial 2! New challenge and cosmetics! Earnable Emotes! (this system also enables Mods to add more Emotes to the game!)
      * New Dinos: Achatina, Megalosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, & Moschops!
      * New Mechanic: Breeding Phase 3: Random Mutations and Family Trees. At last!!!!
      * All-new Caves on The Island, redesigned with proper shipping-quality layouts and graphics & increased challenge (ALL Cave Structures will necessarily be wiped in this version). (Still to come beyond this are the Underwater Caves & Tek Cave.)
      * 2 new mythos Explorer Notes for each character
      * Approximate 15% server performance increase due to massive replication & physx efficiency improvement
      * Whistle Ordering Groups! Create groups by class, or specific-dino! Awwww yeah! (also Whistles to group-set Follow Ranges)
      * New Whistle Type: “Move To”, point at an arbritrary location and tell your dinos to move there!
      * VFX indicators for whistle commands: Move To, Attack, and Group-Selected Units. ARK RTS?
      * Extra Option to “stream” in “Far” map sublevels, for large memory and performance gains (but reduced visual quality & draw distance).
      * Tamed Giganotosaurus HP & Damage reduced by approximately 15%

      * Unversioned Hotfix: Client-side changed Dino Tamed-On/Uploaded-From HUD info to only be visible on Unconscious Dinos, even if they’re your own team. Also hid that info when “Hide Server Info” option is enabled.
      * Fixed a CrossARK inventory transfer crash. Requires Server Update.
      * Made Flyers dismount in Scorched Earth caves properly. Requires Server Update.
      * Made Spoil Timers retain their realtime values thru CrossARK transfers. Requires Server Update.
      * On CrossARK servers, your Dinos will now indicate the server they were Tamed on when you look at them (and you can see this on dead enemy dinos as well, along with the server they were previously Uploaded from, if any, useful for tracking points of origin.) Requires Server Update.
      * Fixed a case of Dinos falling thru bases/floors on client
      * Fixed server option ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts to work properly for inventories that have been loaded from saved game (so it works properly now 😉 Requires Server Update.

      * Enabled full Cross-Ark Survivor/Item/Dino transfers between all Official Servers of a specific game mode (PvP, PvE, Primitive).
      * Added new server commandline/ini option ?MinimumDinoReuploadInterval=1000 for number of seconds cooldown between allowed Dino re-uploads (defaults to 0, set to 43200 on Official Servers which is 12 hours). Remaining cooldown time is displayed on the Dino Upload UI.
      * OfficialServer Transferred Dinos now display the name of the server they were transferred from when looking at them (only displays this info when dead if a non-Tribe Dino).
      * Fixed issue with Wild Dinos spawning inside bases (may still be an ‘edge case’ if you have a very long fence with few nearby structures; requires at least 15 “core” structures within a 6000 unit radius to prevent spawn, or tamed dino within a 4000 unit radius, but otherwise will work properly now).

      Current Version: v250.4
      * Fixed an infinite loop lockup case.
      * Fixed Wyverns / other creatures having infinite special-attack stamina when carrying a creature
      * Changed the following items to have only 1 stack, and retroactively applied this to help deal with an exploit:
      – Industrial Grinder
      – Chemistry Bench
      – Industrial Cooker
      – Tree Platforms
      – Industrial Grill
      – Vault
      – Industrial Forge
      – Ballista Turret
      – Minigun turret
      – Rocket turret
      – Oil pump
      – Cannon
      – Refrigerator
      – Air conditioner
      – Fabricator

      And these are now limited to 5 in a stack:
      – Huge Gates & Gate Frames (Wall and Ceiling)

      * Fix for user/server INI values not being properly utilized
      * Conclusion of Fear Evolved event: the Fear Evolved Structures will be removed, but any earned Cosmetic Items and ZombDodos/ZombWyverns remain!
      * Fix of Procedurally Generated ARK crashes, massive reduction in generation and loading time, fix for PGM’s on Linux Servers and Mac & Linux Clients. (Wipes saved v1 PGM’s, now is v2)
      * 1 new mythos Explorer Note for each character
      * “Ignore All Whistles” option for Dinos
      * Per-Alarm-Tripwire Option for Tripwires to not be set-off by Tribemates or Allied Tribes. (defaults to not be set off by Allies)
      * Alpha Mosasaurs now drop quality fishing rods
      * Preserving Bin now has 24 item slots
      * Alpha Wyvern and Alpha Deathworm Trophy heads
      * Platform Dinos now add 33% of the inventory weight from creatures/players standing on them (previously was 0%), and 85% of the creature/players inherent carry-weight.
      * Imprinted baby walking now respects the server’s “AllowAnyoneBabyImprintCuddle” setting
      * Underwater mines no longer target wild dinos
      * You can now paint the bulbs of electric lamps which will colorize the lighting which comes from them
      * Fixed issue where you could upload engram-crafted items to Cross-Server and they would disappear
      * Fixed issue with Industrial Cooker not properly using up water container when crafting
      * Fixed an issue with unstasising structuctures occasionally being invisible on client
      * Sloped Roofs now properly used for indoors calculation
      * Redid all 3D Dino Dossiers to look & be more accurate to original 2D concepts
      * Fixed longstanding issue of movement getting stuck on trees in permanent Falling physics state
      * Snap Point Cycling! Press ‘Q’ (‘give default weapon’ key) or ‘Z’ (‘defecate’ key) when placing to cycle thru all nearby Snap Points 🙂

      * Fixed an Industrial Grinder exploit.

      * Fixed Dino Witch Hat skin to be equipable again
      * Various fixes to ZombieWyverns
      * Fix to allow new Halloween items to be transferable in Obelisk terminal

      * ARK: Fear Evolved 2 (event runs thru Nov 5)
      ** DodoWyvern & ZombieWyvern Army, DodoWyvern Mask Skin (Scorched Earth)
      ** DodoRex & ZombieDodo Army, DodoRex Mask Skin (The Island)
      ** New cosmetic items: Vampire Eyes, Werewolf Mask, and Clown Mask
      ** Placeable “Carveable” Jackolanterns, Gravestones, & Scarecrows
      ** Return of Fear Evolved 1 Bone Dino Costumes
      ** New Bone Dino Costumes (Giga, Quetzal, Wyvern, Jerboa)
      ** Witch Hat Skin for Survivors & Dinos is back!

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