Arma 3 Tac Night

    • October 3, 2015 at 11:42 am #1262

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      Gus here.

      So I have had an idea on making Arma 3 missions for a causal tactical night. Where we would be playing some team v team and some coop Arma 3 missions, if you are interested at all please let me know because id like to get an idea on numbers for mission making.

      Please bare in mind that I would only want people that are mature and would play with the mind set of serious fun. I am not wanting to make a hard core military sim; but I would want people that are interested in playing fun team based Arma 3 missions where you will be relying souly on your team members to get the job done. You would have to following a basic command structure that is not set to an individual person but to have roles shared around every mission.

      Here are the mods i intend to use.

      Mod 1
      Mod 2
      Any questions please post below or come onto team speak and find me.

      Thanks Gus.

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