Apocalypse survival kits

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      Any doomsday preppers here? even if only a lightweight like me :sick:


      My brother jokes about how one day, Aliens will drop a Zombie virus on mankind LOL, he is probably right! haha. We may laugh, however history shows it does not take very long for a society to break down.

      And I am nowhere close to being anything like those hard core ‘doomsday preppers’ but it is good to have a basic plan for if society falls apart (Most likely in my life time might be a world financial collapse, but plenty of mass solar flare, rapid massive environmental changes etc… that could kick in at anytime.).

      Look at the hurricane that hit parts of the coast of USA a few years or so ago, shops were cleaned out before the storm even hit with panic buying, within 48hrs after the storm there massive queues at petrol stations, with knife fights breaking out, the govt had to call in the national guard!… Firm believer you should have some sort of rough plan in case of whatever might cause society to break down (and there are many, including an Alien dropped Zombie virus! hehe). If you live in a big city like me there will come a time when you need to get out of dodge, because there will simply be too many people beginning to look for food and water and history shows it does not take very long at all before mankind turns medieval on each other and we are generally talking a few days! Cats and dogs would be eaten within a couple weeks then the cannibals kick in lol

      I have some basic gear ready to chuck into the back of a car, if there is not much time to ‘bug out’ then this is the first gear I will grab (see attached pic):

      Hunting bow is a 75lb hard hitter and silent!, Machette is a solid German ‘Gerber’ brand, loads of other bits and pieces in that pile, with some basic clothing in one of the bags, but you get the idea. Of course one tin of DayZ-issue baked beans in there! :sick: Obviously if you have time then you grab all the food, clothing, camping gear etc… that you can.

      Where you going to go? have a plan, even just a rough realistic idea of where you might go?. Well if it turns really bad really quick you can find me (probably along with the Spriggy’s and Loony’s lol) North of Perth not far from where loony lives… High up the Avon Valley (Fresh water source, farms to raid etc…) not likely to get many fleeing city folk like the South West area of WA will !!!
      Have some other basic strategies and plans but they are marked “top secret”…

      A good read: http://www.secretsofsurvival.com/survival/collapse_of_civilization.html
      Some very basic tips and food for thought here: http://www.wikihow.com/Survive-a-Breakdown-of-the-Social-Order

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      After a past ten yearly clean up at home to get ready for a garage sale, I found my ex army ‘Fred’:
      Going to be worth its weight in gold when doomsday comes, so straight into the bug out bag :sick:
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      Love it! I know who is on my list of people to sure for when it all goes to s**t :sick:


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