NUGaming’s Game Give Away!

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To Enter All you Have To Do Is -

To Enter All you Have To Do Is –

Step 1 – Become A NUGaming Member By Joining The Website…
Step 2 – Subscribe To The NUG YouTube Channel…
Step 3 – Follow The NUG Twitch Channel…
Step 4 – Leave A Comment On The NUGaming Give-Away YouTube Video With Your Website Username And Your Twitch Username…
And Your DONE!

(If you are already a member of the Nomad United Gaming community and/or have already subscribed to our YouTube Channel, all you have to do is leave a comment in on the Give-Away Video with your NUGaming Website Username and you will have successfully entered)

NUGaming YouTube Give-Away Video – Click Here

NUGaming Twitch Channel – Click Here

NUGaming’s Game GiveAway!

Hey Hey People’s!
So we have decided to put together a random game giveaway.
Up for grabs is the game titles below!
You can only enter this giveaway once!
You must follow the three steps below in order to enter (we will be checking).
Only people who have entered the giveaway correctly will have their name entered on to the prize wheel.
You can only have your name drawn once off of the prize wheel!

How it will be drawn:

– There will be two prize wheels
– The first wheel will contain the name of the members who have entered the giveaway correctly!
– The second wheel will contain the names of the different games that are up for grabs (these can be found below)
– The first wheel will be spun to reveal a name
– The second wheel will be spun to see what game that person has won
– We will continue to do this till the wheel containing the game titles up for grabs is empty.
– Once your name and game have been drawn from the wheel, they will be removed off the wheel (except for the cases where there is more then one copy of the game up for grabs in which case the game will remain till we are out of copies to give away).
– After the giveaway is over one of the NUG Staff will be in contact with you to give your prize.

Winners will be drawn on Friday the 29th of April.

Game Titles Up For Grabs Are…

(More game may be added to the prize pool before the end of the month…)

Life is Feudal

Value $39.99

Don't Starve Bundle

Value $24.99 (Includes Dont Starve & Dont Starve Together)

Garry's Mod

Value $9.99 (3x Up For Grabs)

Tropico 4 Collector's Bundle

Value $39.99

Alien Vs Predator

Value $23.99

Vertiginous Golf

Value $9.99 (3x Up For Grabs)

Homeworld Remastered Collection

Value $34.99


Value $19.99

Interstellar Marines

Value $9.99

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Value $24.99

Dont Starve Together

Value $14.99 (2x Up For Grabs)

The Binding of Isaac Collection

Value $6.60

7 Days to Die

Value $24.99

Super Meat Boy

Value $14.99

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