In DayZ Bandit Clan Application by HeroTV


(Through the eyes of Hero)
My mother was a drunk. She left me to look after myself, basically that’s how i grew up. My dad a great man, died in an iraqi raid, he was in the special forces and i wanted to follow in his footsteps so i went to gym made myself bigger and applied at the age of 16 for the british army.
I did a 2 year training course down in dover in the UK and got shipped over on my first assignment at the age of 18. I was scared but i had nothing better to do with my life so why not waste it avenging my father.
Over the year of being in Iraq i had done over 30 armed raids on outposts and on towns which went to plan i suppose.
I was over there for around 5 years and got myself known as the hero of the army. I had over 300-500 confirmed kills and i felt it was enough so i went home. I was still young but i thought to myself i’m 24 i should be old now??……….
I tried to settle in at home back in the uk but once you go to war it changes you completely.
One day at around half one in the morning there was a knock at my door asking for the hero of the army. I replied ‘Who’s asking’. They said they had an offer for me about leading a force with around 60 men so i took him up on this generous offer.
When i got there i was told i will be leading a private ‘Antivirus Team’ called Vengeance.
Apparently there is a virus spreading worldwide and they want us to help stop this attack.
Our first assignment was to scout the beaches of Russia for any stranded civilians,
We came across a place called Chernarus and it was huge. Suddenly an f22 hit our rear rotor and we were losing altitude rapidly so i got my to officers (Charlie and Vivian) to order the men to parajump into the foggy beaches of this place.
We landed but most of us separated on the shore, when i landed my priority was to find my men so i set off in my anti-virus loadout.
I first found my general Charlie, he was hiding out in a nugget shop as he described which was particularly weird that there was chopped off limbs of humans in the fridges.
I headed with him across the west coast towards bolota airfield and i found one of my privates called spartan, he was making strange noises when we arrived but soon stopped.
We found many more men on the road up north at this point we had 30 of us.
We needed to survive so we came up with the idea of being bandits. After many months we turned corrupt, instead of helping people we robbed and slaughtered people . We owned north west sector of the lands