In-Game Compensation Rules

Before filling out the form below make sure you read the following rules:

Sometimes things will happen that are out of our control (eg. Server Crashes & Hackers), we do however make sure we do everything possible to prevent these things from happening or too at lest limit how often they happen. We understand that items in game can take quite a bit of time to acquire, so when things go wrong and you lose these items you get upset/frustrated, so we will try to help you out as fast as we can…… BUT

If you harass or abuse any members of the NUG Staff or any members of our community for that matter, during the process of your compensation claim, it WILL be rejected kamagra india price! Yelling, abusing and harassing us will not make the process go any faster, it will actually slow it down. Not to mention that it is rude to treat us in such away when we are just trying to help, and remember you may not be the only person who is effected by this situation, meaning we may have a whole heap of forms come in at the same time! We will get to your form and process it as soon as we can.

Any forms submitted without proper evidence (Video or Screenshot) will be rejected, INSTANTLY!

Things to keep in mind when filling out your form:

You Will NOT Receive Comp If:

  • Your game crashed.
  • You did something stupid.
  • You have no picture evidence of what you lost.
  • You whine, yell, abuse or harass any NUG Staff members/community members.
  • The server restarted and you didn’t put your gear away, you didn’t park your vehicles or you didn’t sync your data. ALL server restart times are stated in-game via automated messages regularly, and on the odd occasion that the server needs to be force restarted by a staff member, you will be given plenty of warnings leading up to the restart.

You MAY Be Comped If:

  • Desync happened. This is determined with Admin judgement. If it’s your fault, or caused by your own internet connection, your form will be rejected.

You WILL Be Comped If:

  • You lost something during a SERVER crash and you have evidence of what you have.
  • You have pictures, date and time of crash, and what you have lost listed in a Compensation Requests Form.
  • Something unforeseen happens with the server, and with the server ONLY (once again you must have evidence to prove this).
  • You lost something due to a hacker being on the server (once again you must have evidence to prove this).


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