In DayZ Whitelisted RPG Application by Zulu


My character is an ex marine (pre Apocalypse) who left the army after accidently killing a young boy who was being held hostage by some rebels.

He started a small business taking tour groups on survival training camps, teaching them basic survival in forests and jungles. When the zombie virus struck, he was out with a tour group. They remained away from populated areas living mostly off the land, finding it hard to keep the group fed. He started heading into small towns to find food and supplies, when he came across another small group of survivors. they joined his group and told him that they had heard story’s of people heading to Russia because they believed the the undead did not cope well in the cold conditions. He decided that the groups best chance of survival would be to find a boat that could handle the journey.

They Headed to a port city not too far from where they had been camping. When they got there they came across another group of survivors, this group was not friendly and a gun fight started. His military training kept him alive but most of his group died. Once the fight was over he took the remaining survivors and found a boat and set sail.

After some time at sea, thewy got hit by a very big storm which capsized the boat. He washed up ashore not knowing where he was and no sign of any of his group he set off again alone