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One of the big things we believe in here at NUG is that real life must always come first! It is for this reason that we decided that we will make sure to regularly cover topics such as:
– Quick and easy healthy snacks/meals you can make,
– Discuss the importants of getting up to get up and stretching your legs regularly, and getting some sunlight in your life,
– Discuss the importants of going to school/uni/work and getting your homework/jobs done first before gaming,
– Talk about and offer advice to gamers who get bullied or who are having a hard time.

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Healthy Mind, Body & Soul

Here you will find posts to do with the following topics:
– Quick and easy healthy snacks/meals you can make.
– Keeping fit and healthy.
– Putting your real life first
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NUG Support

Bullying is a big issue and its a situation that is getting worse rather then better, bullying it is something that the NUG Staff is very much against, we have all been bullied or victimized in one way or another at some point in our lives, so we understand how hard it can be to deal with. NUG Support is a way for us to offer advice, to share our experiences and to give you guys a listening ear But please, if your being bullied or need to talk about what is happening in your life, know you are not alone, please make sure you contact someone for help and support (if you are in a bad way or in danger make sure you call your nearest help line professionals who are better equipped to help and assist you), we are more than happy to assist you with finding the correct support group if you don’t know or are unsure on where to look, just remember that there are help and support groups everywhere, so please find a way in which you feel comfortable to reach out for help and support! and remember we are hear to help even if all we can do is help you with getting in touch with someone/group, or if it is just sharing our experiences or offering you advice, we will always do what we can, where we can.
You can view our 4 most recent reviews below or you can view all of them by clicking – HERE

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