Moban Sarki

In DayZ Whitelisted RPG Application by Sly


Moban is buddhist after traveling for 10 years, hes finally ready to go back to his childhood home town of Berezino to see all that has changed over the past 10 years since he visited last. Upon arrival to his old home he quickly realizes that a lot has changed of the years as guns shots and sirens fill the air. With only a few buddies in near by towns, Moban has no family. Its up to him to survive and reunite with his old buddies to figure out exactly what went wrong in his hometown and to decide on what they can do to survive justice back to the streets. He knows that reuniting with his old comrades will not be a easy task in these vast lands in order to survive he must stay stealthy and out of site as looters and bandits fill the streets. The road to journey begins finding Jimmy where ever he may be so first thing he must do is obtain a vehicle and start his search with surrounding areas for any signs of Jimmy or any other helpful information about what went terribly wrong.