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[MFP] Main Force Patrol

Bio –

NameMain Force Patrol
We are aClan
We were founded in2007
We were founded byLTCol – Silvabakrev & Loony
Our current leaders/owners areLTCol – Silvabakrev & Loony
They have been in charge since2007
Our Staff team is currently made up of
Our current member count is47 clan members
The tag we use is – =MFP=
The main game we play isBattlefield 4
But we have also been known to play –  7 Days to Die, Rust, DayZ, DayZ Mod, DayZ Mod EPOCH, ArmA III
We run our own servers for7 Days To Die – =MFP = and Friends
We are currently recruiting!
You can join us byfilling out our membership form that you can find by Clicking Here
Our Website isClick Here
Our Facebook is
Our YouTube is
Our Steam Group is
Our Twitter is

About the Main Force Patrol Gaming Clan.

Firstly, MFP stands for ‘Main Force Patrol’ from the Australian movie classic, ‘Mad Max’. We originally founded in 2007 as a Battlefield 2 Clan. After disbanding in 2010, we re-founded in 2013 for the up and coming Battlefield 4 and the ArmAII Mod .. ‘DayZ’. Since the clans revival, we have given a number of games a good hard thrashing. The clan has run its own servers in Battlefield 4, Rust, DayZ Mod, DayZ Mod EPOCH, ArmA III, to name just a few. And until recently, the long standing clan Dayz Standalone server Beyond Thunderdome. The clans BT server is currently on hiatis until further notice.

The clan is currently enjoying a revival in the newly developed Rust, with the Sector 26 and Thunderdome clan public servers, as well as a Clan and Friends Only 7DTD server. As can be expected, clan members have their own tastes, so a number of other games are also enjoyed amongst the crew. ArmA III, Elite Dangerous and War Thunder are just 3 examples.

Rev and Loony are the website admins and Clan Leaders. They will assist with any enquiries you may have.

The clan was grown many years ago, from a few guys getting together for some casual, organised FPS fun, having now expanded to others in similar circumstances. We pride ourselves with maturity, simple but solid organisational clan logistics, fair play and squad based team ethics.

Our proud Band of Brothers thoroughly enjoys the online (and offline) company of our clan members and are always good for a wild laugh … sometimes influenced by assorted liquids whilst in a casual gaming clan environment. 8) We absolutely have no time for cheaters and deliberate, disruptive, anti-social behaviour. At this stage, the majority of clan members are shift-workers with odd-hours. The upside of this is that you can usually find a clan member online, anytime of the day.

Please do not be afraid to register on our site (click on their logo on the left below the video), and ask any questions or queries about our beloved clan and its general play-style in our gaming environments. If you think you fit the bill, head over to our Recruiting Office for information on the clan recruitment process.

We hope you enjoy your stay. Cheers

=mfp= Clan Leaders

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