Josh Winster

In DayZ Whitelisted RPG Application by Doswa


My name is Josh Winster and i came from a small family farm in Australia. after years and years of constant working my family thought that we all deserved a break. after lots of destination searching we decided that a small town named “Kamyshovo” in South Zagoria would suit us nicely.
this was a mistake.

After the first week of our holiday my Mother and Father had to return home, ” The farm won’t run itself” dad said. So it was just me and my slightly younger brother left, we had a whole week of holiday remaining to do whatever we wanted.

About 2 weeks into our vacation we had booked a short cruise around the edge of the island. The morning of the cruise we woke up as usual and boarded the ship along with a few lads about our age and an elderly couple. Throughout the cruise the old man fell iller and iller, his wife told me and my brother about how the day before he got attacked by a maniac on the street, she said that he bit him or something, she did seem a bit crazy, it was also pretty hard to understand her as she had a bit of an accent.

About 3 hours into the cruise we heard a loud scream, it was the driver of the boat, the boat then suddenly veered towards the shore. We crashed. I woke up to the sound of what i first thought was a dog or a bear or something like that, it wasn’t, it was the old man eating his wife. i Immediately stood up and started searching for my brother, i couldn’t find him. So, here i am, in this land that is now known as “Chernarus” in search of my brother, God help us all.