In DayZ Whitelisted RPG Application by R1pped


John grew up in Elektrozavodsk before the apocalypse. John was 25 when the virus was released. John had lost many friends and family members, making him a quite person. He grieves over the death of his mother, father, and 2 brothers. John knew the man who murdered his family and is seeking revenge up north. The murderer was named Nazari. John grew up with Nazari and knows him very well, knowing exactly where to look for him.

2 years ago, John ran into Nazari in Zelenogorsk and had a firefight, John suffered a broken leg and Nazari escaped to green mountain. John has heard tips of a man fitting Nazari’s description up in Northwest Airfield and has settled down in Gorka. John tries to catch up to Nazari with his bad leg and suffers from fatal bacteria infections due to the bullet woulds and must take pills every so often or his life could be at risk.