Icebergs on modded rust servers

In Idea or Suggestion by Joltic


Icebergs in rust servers have had multiple issues throughout the development of rust. They have been removed out of the game twice due to the pure reason of people not being able to raid them, and this was seen as a game breaking issue. With the current mods that are on the rust server, there is one that allows for players to abuse the system and to create essentially an unraidable base. Of course there are going to be groups of people who will disagree and claim that they can be raided, which is only with rockets and with a platform or rockets and a nearby iceberg, (although i’d enjoy seeing them attempt to raid one!) The current ToolCupboard (TC) mod that allows for multiple TCs to be placed within the same area, putting two and two together, having multiple TCs on icebergs renders them raid proof, unless all the TCs are destroyed from a distance. Due to this game breaking issue, new players who are looking for a fresh server to play on with their friends fled the server upon realizing that people are abusing this and if they dont fled, they find a iceberg for themselves to live on and ruin the fun for other players. As far as I am aware, all the people that are currently “Iceberg only” users do have land bases that they use to live in, but at night they lock their sweets up safe and sound on their Iceberg. This issue is destroying the server population more than anything, and it’s extremely obvious that it is the issue that is preventing the server from growing. If the server was to remove the TC mod, land bases would be easier to raid and iceberg bases would still stay high in numbers, but many would get raided. If Iceberg bases were to be banned there would be no issue at all and more people would fill in the map with creative, large designs. It’s time to stop letting a few kids get what they want and ruin a server, when the potential for the servers growth is laying in the hands of who is gain enough to make the decision that is best for the server and not for a few kids. I am willing to fight for this server to continue, and grow, please make a good decision!