The Backstory of the Original Bandit – By Soul

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      NUG Soul

      Hey there…..

      If you are reading this I have probably been killed or taken hostage….. It is up to you to pick up where I have left off!

      Wait… I’m getting ahead of myself…..

      I’m Viktor Pavlov, I guess you could call me the original leader of the Bandits. It all started a long time ago…..

      I was on my way home from work one afternoon, my wife called asking if I could pick up some milk on my way home, I was buggered, I wanted to say no, I was tired and had worked my ass off all day. I just wanted to go home, crack open a beer and put my feet up! Guaranteed I was going to get home to find my wife in a bad mood, the kids running wild, and dinner burnt.

      hummmm maybe stopping off on the way home isn’t such a bad idea after all….

      As I pulled out of the staff car park there was a weird vibe in the air, something was different, it was hotter than it should be…. too hot actually…. and of course my air-con decides that today is the day it’s going to finally die! I put the car windows all the way down, and started to head towards the pub. The heat starts to get to me, I was looking forward to downing a nice cold beer and relaxing.
      Wait… what was that?….. Did I just hear screaming? I’m sure I did? I slow my car…. There it is again! But it’s not just one scream it’s……. WOW…… what’s happening? Without thinking I turn my car in the direction of the screaming, there are cars smashed everywhere. People running in all directions….. It’s chaos! People begin running towards my car, screaming, trying to get in… I panic and begin to reverse back the way I came…..

      That’s when I saw them for the first time…… it was like something out of a movie….. these things that looked like people, but not! Running after people, jumping at them, and trying to …… well…. Eat them!
      My phone begins to ring, I reach down to grab it, when one of those things tries to get in my window, I slam my foot down on the accelerator, and get out of there as fast as I can. Before I knew it I was turning into my street, it was just as bad. People screaming, cars everywhere, and these…… Zombies…. Everywhere!
      I get out and run up my driveway, the front door is wide open……. My family is gone…….

      3 years later……

      It’s dark and cold, and what do you know….. It’s bloody raining again! I’m stand here staring out at Chernogorsk from the window of the apartment building, I can hear the others arguing in the next room…. Probably over something ridicules like who gets the can of beans! Or arguing over who was the last person to eat a god damn ‘Big Mc’! Who would have thought that a bunch of ‘no good, rough n tough Bandits’ could argue for hours on end about something pathetic like missing a 7 piece feed!
      I hear one of them enter the room to tell me that the area is once again clear, the night patrol had captured 2 plebz trying to sneak into our territory….. I let out a sigh…. I’m really not in the mood to listen to the snivelling wingers of moron Nomads who can’t read!
      I don’t know how we could possibly mark our areas any clearer! It’s there for everyone to see! And yet they keep trying to sneak in, unannounced! Then cry and beg for us to let them go. I’ve heard all the excuses ‘please don’t kill us, we’ll leave, I promise’, ‘we just needed a place to stay for the night, we’ll be gone in the morning’. But you see that’s just it, we can’t let them stay…. Or just let them go…. Or they will all think they can come here and get a free ride!

      In the beginning, I did my best to take people in, to provide food and shelter to everyone in need, but then food and supplies got harder to find and the zombie numbers just kept growing, people started to fight amongst each other and began killing each other for no reason. Someone had to take charge…. create some law and order about the place!
      As I stand here contemplating on what to do next, I think I see something off in the distance….. or maybe it’s just the rain playing tricks with my eyes, making object harder to render in….. I shake it off and turn to go deal with the 2 trespassers bellow, I’m so tired it’s almost like I’m lagging my way across the room…..
      I make my way downstairs, the guards stop what they are doing and nod as I walk past them…. One of them is new to the bandit way of life… he looks up at me….. I can still see the eyes of a pathetic ‘twelvie’ staring back at me…. I’m not sure about this one, he looks like he wouldn’t make it through a week on his own.

      I get close to the room where the captives are held, I can hear them begging already…… I shake my head, it’s always the same thing, I used to feel bad after these situations….. now I’m numb to them, the only thing that keeps me from losing my humanity completely is that one day the people that are captured may be my wife and kids…….
      Every day the thought of my wife and kids, along with what is still left of the person I once was, gets pushed deeper and deeper into the dark depths of who I have now become…..
      As I open the door to the room, I hear a groan come from behind me….. I shake my head… it’s the new kid… he has broken his leg falling down a set of stairs! Now by set of stairs…. I mean 2 stairs… How on earth does one fall down 2 stairs and break there leg! I knew this guy was going to be trouble…..

      Someone else can deal with it, I still have to sort these 2 out….. As soon as I walk in the room the energy changes, the captives quieten down…. They are on their knees in their underwear, with their hands cuffed behind them….. They seem pretty geared up, I notice that my guards have already removed and sorted out most of their gear, they have enough food here to keep us feed for a few days…. It’s been awhile since we had some canned peaches…. It will be a nice change from all the beans…..
      One of the guards enter the room behind me, I see him looking over my shoulder at the gear on the floor…. I look over at him and see him look in the direction of the shoes on the floor… ‘the young fella needs a new pair, his got ruined when he fell’….. I give him a nod of approval to take them, I can’t have my guys running around in ruined shoes! He goes to grab the first pair and looks up at me… I shake my head… ‘give him the boots’ leave the ‘Prettyfuls’! He puts the pink joggers back down and takes the boots out of the room….

      I look over at the 2 captives, I inform them that if they meet our demands we will let them go, the guy goes to say something about the rain…. But I cut him off…. I can hear something happening outside in the distance….. I hear one of the patrols yell out ‘Hero’s incoming’!
      This is going to be a long night…. I mean I understand the need to try and save everyone…. To try and defend those who can’t defend themselves….. but at some point you need to let people stand on their own, if they can’t survive on their own, they are holding you back….. We can’t be wasting food and supplies on people who can’t do their do their bit for the group!
      These heroes come in thinking that they own the place, thinking they can tell us how to live, looking down on us because we believe in survival of the fittest…. Trying to tell us what we can and can’t do in our own zones, we claimed these areas fair and square, if people chose to risk coming into our areas, then that is a risk they chose to take……

      I hear my bandits getting into position, ready to defend our zone….

      The fighting goes long into the night, I have to give it to these heroes, they know how to fight when the need arises! I admire their courage…… if they weren’t so bloody hell bent on righting the world, I would happily fight beside them.
      I can hear the explosions around me getting closer! The Bandit Zones are going to be laying in ruins if this doesn’t stop soon……. Oh great, some dumbass blew up the petrol station! Now we are going to have to put up with it blowing up every time someone gets close, I’ll have to make time to try and restart it at some point!
      The air is thick with smoke and debris, there are bodies everywhere. I can hear the sound of the undead around me, all this bloody noise is attracting them! The war is still going on around us as we try to push the heros and zombies back….. out of our zone. Exhaustion begins to set in….. but we keep pushing forward. We will not lose this battle….
      Everything goes black…… I can hear a buzzing in my ear…… could this be the end??…….

      If you are reading this I have probably been killed or taken hostage….. It is up to you to pick up where I have left off! Below you will find the Bandit Code! If you have chosen to take up the bandit life style and continue on where we left off, you are expected to live up to this code….. ALWAYS! Or so help me if my men and I are indeed dead, we will haunt you till the day you join us on the other side.

      Bandit Code:

      • As a Bandit, you choose to walk down the dark path, and lurk in the shadows! You are cunning and imaginative, you pride yourselves in your ability to surprise your opponent. Bandits are admired amongst each other for their ability to out wit the Hero’s, and come up with creative ways to keep the rest of the DayZ world on their toe’s while looking over their shoulder!
      • It is your job to make sure that your “Bandit Zone’s” (marked on the map and listed bellow) are safe and defended!
      • You need to remember that just because you are a Bandit does not mean that you are not a person! While this is a game and we are all hear to have fun and we ALL know that this is a game where our characters die LOTS, there is a right and a wrong way of doing things. Even amongst Bandit’s there must always be honor!
      • Remember just because you are Bandit’s, you are not bulletproof! I would hate to be the Bandit who lead other Bandits into a TRAP because they rushed in and didn’t think first!
      • DECLARE EVERYTHING! if the need arises that you feel the need to go and take over one of the Hero Zones, DECLARE IT! There is no fun or Glory in taking over an undefended area! In order to declare, you need to send a teamspeak text/poke to at lest one Hero in EACH of the Hero Teamspeak Squad channel! The message must state that you are “Declaring war on *Zone Area Name* with *Number of Bandits*!” Or your take over will mean nothing! and you will bring disgrace to the rest of the Bandit’s!
      • Remember that what happens in game is to stay in game! Just because something happens in game that you don’t agree with, or like, is no reason for an in game issues to become a teamspeak issue and/or ruin any friendships! If you find that you do have a problem, please bring it to one of the Admins/Mods who will help sort out any issues so they don’t become teamspeak wars! Lets keep the killing for in game
      Bandit Zones:

      • Chernogorsk
      • Chapaevsk
      • South Airstrip
      • Balota
      • Novoselky

      Remember the Bandit code always! Please post your own bandit stories below!

      Your Sincerely
      Viktor Pavlov
      Original Bandit Leader

      Map –
      (To be added)

      "Today is the day... Today its going to happen... I don't know when, where or why... But I know its Today!"

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