DayZ Devteam PAX South 2016

    • February 1, 2016 at 11:21 am #3729


      As we know Dayz development has been slowing down alot, and i mean alot. To be honest the lack of development from the dev team isn’t helping the games player base. But now we get to finally hear from them and hopefully some ambitious projects that are underway for 2016.

      I’ll be watching and summarizing for you guys in this thread so you can keep updated and informed.


      Mr Wayne

    • February 1, 2016 at 12:04 pm #3730
      NUG Soul

      Awesome work! I look forward to reading all about it.

      Soul 🙂

      "Today is the day... Today its going to happen... I don't know when, where or why... But I know its Today!"

    • February 6, 2016 at 1:41 pm #3848

      Hi guys as you probably know Pax south has finished and here are some point i noted during the Dev stream!


      – DX9 is being phased out, DX11 is being ushered in and Ultimately DX12
      – They predict upwards of 100+ fps on mid range cards and smoother gameplay

      Revamped UI:

      – Tri-tab Server browser
      – Vehicle Hud ( speed and vital statuses)
      – Multiple Char


      New vehicles and Hot fixes:

      – Little Bird – Model is all done, matter of configuring physics in multiplayer, singleplayer is done.
      – Priority soon for artists – fixed wing aircraft
      – Bicycle – Model is done, need to be configured for physics. They wanted to put the time in to properly do the physics.

      Central Loot Economy

      – Balance between ammunition and weapons
      – Higher chance of finding empty mags
      – Cars are spawning with randomized state of parts
      – Mags have a chance to spawn on points labeled as ammunition and additional chance of spawning as an attachment for the weapon
      – Weapons as well spawning with different attachments

      Player Bases/Construction

      – Design and functionality for the generator and electric fence is being finalized

      VOIP / Communication (Distant Future)

      – Re-installation of side chat (optional)
      – Radio broadcast stations people can use. A control point to control communicaitons across the server
      – Megaphones still in development

      Chernarus Map

      – North East Air Field revamp
      – Contaminated Areas- Tisy ( still work being done on effect to players eg Hazmat suit required to enter these areas or suffer toxic poisoning)

      Mod Support

      – Namalsk – Community map, they don’t have ownership of it. The author though, Adam, is an environmental artist working on Chernarus+. When they roll out modding, Namalsk should be the first mod. Custom items, new buildings, every structure enterable. Completely redone some underground areas.

      – Server binaries and hive package (once released) will allow full control of what the devs have now. Will be able to change frequency of spawns, player spawns, parts rarity, dynamic events, frequency and location of infected spawns, etc.

      New damage module

      – Won’t see a major gameplay change. Will see less bugs but will change fists from being treated as bullets so they actually behave like fists.


      – Still waiting to move sound tech over. Sat down with Arma 3 guys to talk what they can inherit from Arma 3 sound design. Late February early march like to see implementation.


      – Steyr Scout and along with breath holding while scoped in
      – New military backpack that slipped through will soon come to spawning
      – PSO scope will spawn on its own again soon
      – M4 Not spawning right now, security issue

      Mr Wayne

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