Ark Updates and News 247.4 – 247.9

    • October 1, 2016 at 5:09 pm #5739

      Current Version: v247.9
      * Fixed critical performance problems with Water Pipes & Electric Cables! Requires Server Update.
      * Fixed issue where stasised Wells wouldn’t refill connected Taps. Requires Server Update.
      * Fixed issue where water containers in Taps connected to wells would cause the pipes to flicker filled/unfilled. Requires Server Update.
      * Homing Rocket now has max targeting range of 6800 units, and can be distracted by nearby Flares. Requires Server Update.
      * Plant Species Y now has 300% larger activation radius, kills victims faster, lasts longer, degrades & pierces their armor more, and can now only be damaged by flame or explosives Requires Server Update.
      * Whip now has 40% chance to disarm, rather than 25%. Requires Server Update.
      * Fixed issue where Hotkey slots were getting shifted when transferring characters with items across ARK clusters. Requires Server Update.
      * Fixed issue where player collision could get stuck on pipes/cables. Requires Server Update.
      * Added “-ClusterDirOverride=C:/TestStorage/” launch parameter to servers (use whatever path you want). This allows you to use a common cross-server storage location that functions between multiple servers running on the same machine. (And you also still need to launch with “-ClusterId=SOMETHINGUNIQUE” in order to get your box’s servers to allow cross-transfer.)
      * Fixed overspawning and physics/collision volume issues on TheCenter. Requires Server Update.
      Current Version: v247.8
      * Fixed various misc level issues on TheCenter. Requires Server Update.
      * Fixed Pillars accidentally preventing resource spawns around them. Requires Server Update.
      * Fixed Giganotosaurus not being able to attack trees. Requires Server Update.
      * Fixed Archaeopteryx latching onto ScorchedEarth Joshua Tree. Requires Server Update.
      * Fixed Mac text input crash.
      * Fixed case where players could get themselves pushed through world geometry! Requires Server Update.
      * Fixed case where Survivors/Items could be lost on travelling between ARK’s
      * Fixed Oculus Rift support for 1.0.0 Retail SDK!
      * Fixed a server-side crash with downloading Survivors on Unofficial Servers.
      * Fixed a crash with the List Sessions UI
      * Improved appearance of Landscape in Ansel Super Resolution captures
      * Fixed an input locking issue with IME using Chinese characters.
      * Added Archaeopteryx and Tapejara to ScorchedEarth — Archaeopteryx hangs around Joshua Trees, Tapejara can be found in mountainous areas.

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