Ark Updates and News 243.1 – 243.5

    • June 25, 2016 at 3:55 pm #5463

      Current Version: v243.5
      Requires Server Update:
      * Fixed Beaver Dams (they weren’t spawning)
      * Fixed Manta Taming
      * Fixed Obelisk Terminal activation collision
      * Fixed Server Primitive Engrams INI to contain Rope Ladders
      Requires Server Update:
      * Fixed some pillar building issues (couldn’t place pillars directly on platform saddles/rafts, or on some platform-ceiling extensions).
      * Fixed issue of getting more Swamp Fevers if you had Leeches attached to you on each subsequent game relaunch.
      * Fixed issue where some swamp water dino spawners weren’t active.
      * Fixed issue where some servers/clients were stalling out.
      * Fixed Toads/Dimetrodons/Leeches and other swamp water creatures not spawning (Swamp Water spawns). Requires Server Update.
      * Force respawn all wild Dinos once for servers/singleplayer (if they haven’t already run the biome clearance manually) to help clear up any wild dinos stuck under the ground.
      * Auto-Turrets will now properly target & shoot Dino platform “Trojan Horse” builds. Requires Server Update.
      * Possibly fixed potential Linux Server performance issue
      * Added Titanosaurus colorization
      * Fixed Chemistry Bench not properly containing “Absorbent Substrate” Engram. Requires Server Update.
      * Fixed a server crash associated with Dino Baby Births. Also fixed Tripwire Alarm & Birth Notifications to properly work! Requires Server Update.

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