Falconer Aerospace Industries

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Falconer Aerospace Industries is an all new organization trying to make its way “ in the verse “. as bounty hunters, freelancers, explorers and miners.

We come from a list of past organizations and online communities from games like Eve Online, World Of Tanks, War frame, Battle Field, Arma, Elite Dangerous, Space Engineers and so on. We do not boast to be the best.. “ However,” we do plan to be one of the best and enjoy the Best Damn Space Sim Ever, while making some friends along the way.

If your looking for an organization that works together on common goals, plans organizational objectives and shares accumulated profit with a relaxed atmosphere, “ or none at all,” then look no further … “ Falconer Aerospace Industries “ may be the organization for you. We intend to stand out from the other organizations by being unique. Falconer Aerospace Industries will specialize in only a few aspects of Star Citizens , Bounty Hunting, Freelancing, Exploration, Mining, giving us a better chance at becoming more efficient in our main “ Bounty Hunting.”

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