DayZ RPG Whitelisted App

This is an Application for our DayZ Master Shard Whitelisted server. This means that in order to join it, you will have to apply. Our whitelisted server is also our RPG (role play) server, we have put a ‘Hero vs Bandit’ role play theme to it. We will also be running all of our Nomad United Gaming DayZ events on this server.

As our RPG server is not only whitelisted but also part of our private hive, we are able to admin it and do everything in our power to provide our members with a Hacker free environment! If a hacker does happen to slip through the cracks, please let us know straight away, as we will be able to kick/ban them! Make sure however that you are certain that the person is hacking. We do request that you be on our Teamspeak when you are on our servers as it makes it easier for us to confirm who the hackers are. If we believe that there are hackers on our servers, we will kick everyone who is not on teamspeak, till you join us on teamspeak. If you do not join us on teamspeak you may find yourself being banned.

Anyone found hacking or using exploitative methods (duping and/or modding) on any of our servers will have their details forwarded to BIS to receive a global ban from DayZ.

Our Whitelisted servers are a community oriented environment in which trusted Nomad United Gaming (NUG) members can survive and thrive within the post-apocalyptic world of Chernarus.

Please note: Our private whitelisted RPG server is for our RPG members of the community, and access to this servers is a privilege – not a right. We reserve the right to deny or revoke any whitelisted member at any time without warning.

To find your Steam GUID: Please contact one of the DayZ Admins via Teamspeak who can retrieve your GUID for you.

As soon as your application is placed the Staff will be notified, there is no need to contact us directly regarding your application; we will get to it, and process it as soon as possible. If there is an issue with your application you will be contacted by one of our Admins.

Once your Application has been processed, you will be asked to join us on TeamSpeak for an Application interview! Please keep in mind that once you have been Approved, it can take up to 4hours for your Approval to be registered on our Server! So please be patient during the Application process!

If you are interested in joining our DayZ Whitelisted RPG Server, Please fill out the Application bellow:

Please Login to the Nomad United Gaming Community Website to fill in this form.