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The NUG Gamer Dictionary


Camper: This term refers to a player who finds and stays in the one spot in a game that guarantees them easy kills and in gives them advantages over other players. This is a tactic used mostly by C.O.D (*See C.O.D*) players, trolls, or in very rare occasions it is actually used as a tactic to defend a base or item as part of a team play/event objective.

Carebear: This is a derogative term that is used towards players who only want to take the easiest way possible, or who try to make the game as non-challenging as possible. For example, when referring to MMORPG game, players use carebear to describe a non-PvP server.

Casual Gaming: This is a term used to describe gamers who only play games occasionally, or who do not get overly invested into a game, or who avoid games that require an in game commitment. The term casual gamer can also be used to describe games like mobile/facebook games.

Chain Mail: This term is also know as a chain letter, chain mail is a forwarded e-mail/message that is sent unbeknown to e-mail/user accounts/text via your contact list containing false information, or a scam/virus, based on the myth that if you don’t follow the instructions something bad will happen to you/someone you know. Sending chain mail to the NUG Staff is very unwise, it is a fast way to end up on our shitlist.

Cheat: This refers to the improper use of something, or someone who knowingly and intentionally uses something in a way it was not intended to be used in order to give an unfair advantage, or someone who looks for and uses loop holes in order to win/get ahead. Cheating will result in you being banned for the NUG Community (also *See Exploit*)

Cheese: This is a term used to refer to any strategy or exploit that enables players to win in a manner unforeseen by the developers, these strategy/exploits don’t usually last long due to how quickly they are spread across the internet, developers are usually pretty fast acting at taking these goodies off the table.

Cheesy: This term is used to refer to something that is said or done that is considered to be trying to hard to impress, or trying to hard to get someones attention.

Cheesecake: This is a term coined and used by Soul to describe anything she deems to be really cheesy (*See Cheesy*) but yet at the same time sweet.

Checkpoint: This is a term used to refer to a point in a game that you need to reach in order to move on to the next area/mission/objective, please note that getting to a checkpoint usually involves your character dying at least a couple of hundred times first.

Class: This is a term used in relation to the different categories/jobs that give abilities and strengths for in-game characters, these are referred to as classes, eg. warrior, guardian, sorcerer, mage etc. Class can also be a term used in programming and coding.

C.O.D: This is a term used to refer to a delicious fish and also the #1 Twelvie past time which happens to be a game called Call of Duty, this is a FPS game that is usually played by plebs who think that gaming is all about camping. (Nazi Zombies is not count as C.O.D).

Cooldown: This refers to the point in time in which you are most likely to get rekt due to you being defenseless, this can also be referred to as the time between when you use your ability/attack/skill/spell and the time it takes for it to become available to be used again.

Combat Log: This term is used to indicate when a coward who is afraid they are about to be killed by another player and lose all their gear, so in stead of sticking around and defending themselves, they log out of the game (this usually involves finding somewhere for their game character to hide first) before the other player can find them and kill them. Combat loggers are looked down on in the gamer world, this is due to the fact that real gamers believe that if you cant handle getting killed every now and then, that maybe you should stick to games that are more to your liking, like “Candy Crush”, “Farmvile”, “My Little Pony Vile” or “Barbie”.

Console: This refers to something non-PC owners use in order to try and classify themselves as gamers, and also the #1 thing that kids beg Santa/parents for once their toys become outdated.

Console Gaming: This refers to “gamers” who like spending money on sub-par equipment.

Cover system: This term refers to a player who spends the entire battle hiding behind….. we mean guarding a large object (like a crate), occasionally popping up long enough to fire off some shots into the air, usually in the general direction of where they think their opponent may be.

Crouch jump: This term refers to when you are playing a game that requires you to have to first crouch in order to try and increase the height of which your character jumps.

Closed beta: This refers to a period of time where game/software developers move their game/software out of the alpha phase of testing and into the beta phase of testing. Closed beta is usually the first stage of beta testing, this is where the game/software is only available to be played/used/tested by a select few individuals or only by the companies employees. This phase of beta testing is designed to try and find, fix and repair any issues with the game/software.

CS:GO: This is the name of yet another #1 twelvie past time, this is a FPS game that is usually played by plebs who think that gaming is all about aimbots, trading weapon skins and finding new ways in which to abuse other players.

CTF: This term is the lazy way of saying Capture The Flag, CTF is a game mode in first person shooter (FPS) games where a user must get to an enemy’s base, grab their flag and bring it back to their base’s flag without dying. The team with the most flag captures or who can capture and hold the objective the longest, wins the game.

Cutscene: This refers to a short video/graphic display that usually has something to do with the games story plot/objectives/mission, or the game/character lore.

Cyber-Driving-That-Admin-A-Busa: This is a term the NUG Staff use in relation to people who think it is okay to abuse their power/position in order to advance their own needs rather then the needs of a community.


Debuff: This term refers to the removal of buff’s off of your character or off of another character that is targeted, this usually happens due to an ability or attack that has been cast/used or due to its time frame being up. Weapons/abilities/skills that cause debuffs are usually quite powerful and sort after.


Difficulty level: This is a good indicator of just how rekt your character is about to be, this also can help you predict just how often your character is going to die.

Ding: This sound is the #1 most likely noise to drive a person insane, the sound of the in game “ding” has been known to drive the most calmest person in the world into a wild fit of rage, especially while in a league of legends game. This term is also often seen in MMORPG games and is used to signify that your character has just leveled up.

Double-jump: This refers to developers who either don’t believe in physics or who just don’t care, and yet while we know it should not be possible, when playing a game where the double-jump does not exist, we find that we die a little on the inside.

DPS: This term refers to Damage Per Second, this basically is the rate at which you inflict damage with a weapon/other equipment to a player/group of players.

DLC: This refers to an after thought (which stands for Downloadable Content) that game developers came up with not long after having released the original game, or that they deliberately held off from release, due to they realized they could make money off of it.

DM: This term is the lazy way to say Deathmatch, a deathmatch is a free-for-all instance in a first person shooter game where all players try to defeat one another. These matches are usually timed, and the winner is whoever obtained the most frags (*See Frag*) during the allotted time.

Dmg: This is used by lazy people who are trying to indicate that they are taking or are dealing damage.

DOT: This is the way of saying Damage Over Time without actually taking the time to not be lazy and write Damage over Time.

Dungeon: This refers to a group event that often takes place in a tunnel/cave/underground/dark/scary place which involves some type of puzzle/objective, that always includes at least one boss (*See Boss*). The good part it that these usually end with a loot chest full of goodies that you can’t get anywhere else in the game.

Dupe: The term dupe or duping often refers to act in which a player tricks the game causing it to generate a duplicate of an item/s. For example, a player may use a duping technique to duplicate of a high level weapon, money, or other item in a game. Duplicating items in games is considered cheating, the duping of any item on any of the NUG servers will lead to you being banned from our community and our servers. Owning or having duped items on your character can cause your in-game account to be wiped, and an investigation as to why/how you came across the duped items.