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AAA: Triple A games are games that have been declared as being amazing, top quality or better then the rest. (This however in our opinion is a label that is being thrown around the gaming world way to often these days, and given to games that don’t deserve it).

Abandonware: This is a term that was created in order to make it sound like it is okay to download games that are no longer being sold or that appear to have been “abandoned”. Unfortunately people seem to think that by giving something a name, it will make it legal, this however is not the case, unless the creators of the game have put the game up for free themselves, labeling a game abandonware will not make it legal to download for free.

Achievement: This term once upon a time implied that you had achieved something of merit, these days the term is used loosely and usually in reference to having completed something trivial eg. you receive an achievement for gathering/collecting 10x resources in game.

Action: This is a term used to describe the type of genre for a game, this type of game style “action”, is usually used in relation to games that involve explosions, fast movement and fighting.

AD: This term refers to Attack Damage, when you build your character with an AD build it will effect the damage you do when auto attacking/using some abilities.

Adventure: This is a term used to describe the type of genre for a game, this type of game style “adventure” is usually used in relation to games that involve multiple worlds/maps/locations that are “most” of the time quiet beautiful, they also involve a lot of pointing and clicking, often require sitting through lots of dialogue/story/lore telling.

AFK: This is a term used to inform people that you are about to be ‘Away From Keyboard’, this however does not indicate just how long you will be away, but it is generally expected that you will be gone just long enough for everyone in your team to complete that level, and thus leading to them all being salty with you. (*See Salty*)

Aggro/Add: This is a term used to describe that one or more creatures/players that are aggressive have just targeted you or your team-mate/s eg. ‘*insert players name* has just pulled all the aggro’, or ‘oh f**k! *insert creature* just aggro’ed on me”. You can also use this term to describe the behavior of a person in real-life eg. ‘GF/parent aggro’, this usually means you screwed up in some way and will usually result in you having to log off or AFK. (*See AFK*)

Aimbot: This is a term used to indicate that a player is cheating by using a mod/program to do the aiming for them in game. This is a term most commonly used in CS:GO (*See CS:GP*) and pretty much every other FPS (*See FPS*) game out, this term seems to be used in reference to people who are indeed using an aimbot or towards anyone who actually know how to play the game, especially use for people who are good at it.

Alias: This is a term used to refer to your in-game name, or is a different name that you use other then the one on your birth certificate, this can also be referred to as a nickname, username or handle. Unfortunately for some unknown reason some people like to give themselves alias’s that are extremely questionable/unthinkable, this is usually a good indication that they are a troll (*See Troll*).

Alpha: This term is used to describe an early/first test version of a computer software program or hardware device, this phase of testing is usually only done by the developers, well that is up until recently when it became very popular for pretty much all new games to be released to public (for a price I might add) under the label of alpha. This label of alpha pretty much gives developers free reign to release a broken/unfinished game to the public, make a lot of money off of it, while throwing out the “you need to remember its still an alpha” card every time someone happens to point out a flaw or error. Once the developers are finished testing the alpha stage, they then move it into the beta phase (unfortunately a large majority of the “alpha” games released recently will probably never reach beta)

AoD: This term mean Area of Damage, this refers to the area in which the spell/attack will damage. AoD is a form of AoE (*See AoE*).

AoE: This is a term used to describe a spell type usually found in RPG (*See RPG*) style games, it stands for ‘Area of Effect’, which believe it or not means the area in which the spell will effect! The term AoE can also be used to indicate that a player is/should direct their attack/heal on the multiple targets around them. This term has also been known to be used in relation to the ‘Age of Empires’ games, which is a series of RTS (*See RTS*) games.

AP: This term refers to Ability Power, when you build your character with an AP build it will effect the amount of damage your spells/abilities will do. AP also means Attack Points

ARAM: This is game mode for summoners rift in League of Legends where all players are given a random character to play to play, this usually will result in you being given a character that you don’t like or don’t know how to play.

AS: This term refers to Attack Speed, this will increase the speed in which you attack (bet you didn’t see that coming :p )

Autosave: This term means that your game will autosave, this means that your game will automatically save your progression right up till that point, this usually takes place after you have entered/left a particular area/location in the game, or you have completed a particular aspect of the game. Autosaving means that you can screw up as many times as you like and it wont mean a thing to your game play, unless/until you move on to the next autosave.

Avatar: This term refers to your in-game character, and also can be a way of referring to your profile pic which is usually a random/stupid meme you came across that you feel the need to share with everyone, eg. ‘OMG, are you serious Goonwizard! Change your freaken Teamspeak avatar now!’


B4N/BFN: This term means ‘bye 4/for now’, this is usually used in chat by people who don’t know how to write/are too lazy to write bye for now.

Ban/Banned: This is what happens when you are caught hacking/cheating/modding, or being offensive/abusive, or behaving like a troll (*See Troll*) within the NUG (*See NUG*) Community or on our servers. This means that you will be removed from the community, and that you are no longer welcome back.

Ban From Faze: Set ban hammers to Faze.

BBIAB: This term means ‘Be Back In A Bit’, this is usually used in chat by people who don’t know how to write/are to lazy to write using proper words.

BBIAF: This term means ‘Be Back In A Few’, this term like BBIAB is used in chat by lazy people.

BBIAM: The term means ‘Be Back In A Moment’, this is also used in chat by lazy people.

BBL: This term means ‘Be Back Later’, this is an even shorter and lazyier way to let people know in chat that you are leaving for a period of time.

Benchmark: This term refers to a test that measures the performance of hardware, software and computers. These tests can be used to help compare how well a product may do against other products. When comparing benchmarks, the higher the value of the results, the faster the component, software, or overall computer is.

Beta: This term is used to describe software that is still under development, beta tests are the second phase of the testing period (it comes after the alpha test phase), the developers may make it available to a select few (or everyone) to test, examine, and report problems they come across, so the developers can fix/replace/work these errors before releasing the software. There are two kinds of beta testing phases, open beta (*See Open Beta*) and closed beta (*See Closed Beta*).

Beta Tester: This is a term used to refer to someone who participates in the testing of beta software.

BF: This term stands for Boy Friend/Best Friend. It also is used in relation to the game Battlefield.

BG: This term is pretty versatile for those who have trouble writing words, it can stand for Bad Game, Background and also be used in relation to the game Battleground.

Bind: This term is used in relation to binding/key binding a key on your keyboard, this is where you assign and action or response to a particular key, this is done to give the user quick access, eg. you can bind your keyboard spacebar to be your attack key in game, however, another player may have their spacebar key bound to the jump function. Key bindings are usually found within a games options or controls. Binding is also a computer programming term to connect two or more programs together.

Bind Point: This term refers to a point in a game where your in-game character is sent after using/interacting with and item/game function.

Biofeedback: A biofeedback game is a video game that uses an electroencephalography (EEG) machine to read brainwaves. This mechanism can allow a player to control parts, or possibly all, of the game with their mind. In most cases, a game controller is still needed for some tasks and controls. Biofeedback games are not mainstream yet, primarily due to the higher cost of the EEG device and the time it takes for players to “teach” the device and game how to read their brainwaves.

Boosting: This term refers to the using of another in-game character to boost your character, the other character crouches down and then your character jumps on and then off of that character in order to make your character jump higher.

Boss: This term refers to an enemy/creature/monster in a game that is hard to kill, they only spawn into the game at a particular time or in a particular place, these boss characters usually need to be attacked in a group, or a certain way, or with a certain weapon/item.

Bots: This term is most commonly used in reference to an MMORPG (*See MMORPG*) game types, a bot generally refers to a third-party application that controls a player’s in-game character while they’re not at their keyboard, or AFK (*See AFK*). Their purpose is to gain experience or valuables through repetitive actions that are sometimes considered monotonous to a player. The same can be done with bots on the internet, bots can be used to spam/send data via email/message/forums and blogs etc.

BRB: This term is used in chat to let people know that you will Be Right Back.

Buff: This term is used in relation to a bonus that is given to an in-game character that increases or strengthens the characters abilities, health and defense. A buff is usually gained from an in-game item, another player’s ability, or a spell. Eg, an in game character uses a buff which increases the movement speed of the character or the character that had the buff place upon it.

Bug: This term refers to faults in the programming which cause unintended effects both good and bad – crashes, unintentionally high character advancement, etc.

Bullet hell: This term is used in relation to games and mechanics that involve filling the screen with dangerous projectiles.

Bunny Hop: This term is used to reference when you make your in-game character jump repeatedly, this can be done due to boredom, or as an interesting way of getting from one place to another, and believe it or not it is actually a quiet beneficial tactic to use to avoid being hit by attacks directed at you as it can make it quiet hard for the person to focus/lock onto your character.